Welcome to my latest blog site. I’m (still!) in the process of trying to import my old blogs but they are proving hard to find and get in (ex-Posterous and custom site), but hopefully, I’ll have them here shortly for anyone interested in older stuff.

I’m a software engineer, project manager, scrum’er and general all-around technical geek working and living in London, UK. I specialise in optimising business processes, team management, workflows, software design, database driven websites, mobile applications, SEO and UX.

At present I’m Chief Technology Officer at printed.com, wrap.me and Printed API, the core parts of the The Printed Group. I primarily focus on technical strategy, innovative features and vertical opportunities whilst managing the engineering, user experience & QA teams. Outside of there I run Jawwws Digital, a small but effective agency building awesome web and app-based applications for fun.

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